Working with Northern Rivers metal fabricators to produce exceptional results

There’s more to Ballina Powder Coating & Sand Blasting’s service than excellent metal
restoration and coating. We take a business partner view in our work, seamlessly integrating our services into your processes. This has made us highly sought after in many Northern Rivers industries, because we value customer service and always go the extra mile.

Our family owned and operated business has been in the Ballina area for more than two and half decades. We are the leading powder coaters for local builders, businesses and homeowners alike. Whether you have an old outdoor furniture set or a series of new manufactured parts, our coating and restoration services will give them a new life. We take on jobs of all sizes, including ongoing business with national and multinational companies.

Man Blasting a Coating - powder coating in Cl Ballina, NSW

Even for one-off project, we educate our clients on proper care and maintenance, so that their powder coating lasts as long as possible. To ensure each and every product leaves our
workshop in the best possible condition, we utilise an internal quality assurance system. All finished products exceed Australian quality standards.

To learn more about our capabilities or to get a quote, call our team or fill out an enquiry form.

Wheel Blasted Sand - powder coating in Cl Ballina, NSW


At Ballina Powder Coating & Sand Blasting, we work with our customers to achieve the best results and continued satisfaction. That’s why we educate them on the powder coating process and how to get the most out of it.

If you have any questions that haven’t been answered here, please feel free to ask one of our knowledgeable staff members.

How does powder coating work?

Powder coating is different to conventional liquid paint products, although the finished result looks just like regular paintwork. This coating is applied as free-flowing, dry powder and then bonded to the object electrostatically and then cured under heat. This forms a hard ‘skin’ that is evenly applied over the object.

What objects can benefit from powder coating?

Most metals can benefit from a powder coated finish, including household appliances,
aluminium furniture, drum hardware, and automobile, manufacturing components and bicycle parts.

White Colored Powder in Wheels - powder coating in Cl Ballina, NSW

How can I clean my powder coated surfaces?

Here are three crucial steps to follow when cleaning your powder coating:

  • Using a wet sponge, wipe away any dirt from the surface
  • Use a soft, non-abrasive, brush and a mild detergent, such as liquid dishwashing detergent
    diluted in warm water (do not use solvents) to remove dust, salt and other dirt
  • Rinse the surface thoroughly with cold water after cleaning

How can I avoid damaging the powder coating?

Here are a few procedures to remember for protecting your powder coated surfaces:

  • Mask any powder coated surfaces when building, renovating, plastering or painting with
    approved tapes only
  • If paint splatters or sealants land on the surface, do not allow it to dry. Remove it immediately
  • Avoid using turpentine, white spirits, thinner or other strong solvents on powder coating
  • Do not excessively rub the powder coated surface, particularly metallic finishes
  • Wash off any sunscreens that touch a powder coated surface as the chemicals can tarnish

Why do you use higher-grade powders?

Depending on the environment, the quality difference between high and low grade powders can be visible within 7 years. The powders we utilise, from Dulux, Interpon and Jotun, have better colour retention and durability than cheaper brands.

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